Ah, Just Testing…

Well, uh, the first thing I want to say is that I like blogs. They are like diaries, but instead of being entirely private and emotional one chooses the best of oneself to present. At least that’s the way I’m going

Introducing my dear friend Lucy. Lucy, I hope that you will get a blog too ( you are free to fangirl over your…Japanese arts pursuits), although you’ve promised to. Introducing Trashween… no, Catherine, my other friend. Catherine, you should, too, although I cannot force or command you to do it, so I’ll bug you until you break down. Amy and David, you guys should too! Amy, this is like QZone, only that it’s not QZone…well, blame the fact that QZone is in Chinese only. So much for being an international social media platform. And Vicki, Stephen, Leila and whoever I may have forgotten to mention, you guys should too! Although as I’ve stated before, most people don’t blog any more (and the Earth doesn’t stop spinning).

    “And one day, no matter what, we’ll win!”

Gotta start to persuade Lucy first, and so much for the quote.

P.S. “This WordPress site is the cat’s pajamas”? This is the best ad ever.


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