My Goal in Life

Life goal:

One day, I’ll grow up and go to university and leave Toronto (don’t get me wrong, I like Toronto fine). I’ll go study at McGill. and major in Life Science. After I graduate for university, I’ll go to medical school. After that I’ll take up a residency, and/or a fellowship.After, I’ll get a job and try to accumulate a large amount of money–I am a financially destitute student and would like nice things .

Then maybe ten, fifteen years later, I will move to  a place where most people I know wouldn’t know that I’m there. They wouldn’t even think that I’m there. Maybe they think I’m a Megalopolis-Oriented person?Only my closest friends will know where I am. Tallinn, Estonia seems like a good place for that plan, although I’m always taking suggestions.

How might that play out? A flight from Toronto to Stockholm, then a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki, then train from Helsinki to Tallinn would be fine (yes, I’m aware–thank you  Google–that there are ferries straight from Stockholm to Tallinn, but YOLO).

Then maybe I’ll travel through Europe. From Reykjavik to Santorini, and Lisbon to Istanbul. Why not? My friends could join us,then we’ll have a party at 2 a.m. on a remote Northern European island in the dead of winter or something.

Then I’ll go to the closest Arby’s, and buy five cats for five Deutsch marks.

(At this point I’m no longer certain that this plan is not serious.)


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