That War of 1812 Writing Contest

So I joined a War of 1812 writing contest organized by Historica Dominion of Canada (I think this is the name), no surprises, this frankly happens a lot…This is harder than I accounted it for. My idea is a collection of letters by an American (this is “Canadia”, but something from an American POV would be slightly more original?)soldier to different people throughout the war. It’s not like I have a writer’s block or something, but it’s harder if you involve opinions on actual historical figures or the deep depression of war. I’ve only tried to expressed war in this glorious, government-propaganda light before (character point-of-view,NOT personal), and I’ve had ideas about a true, albeit too-much-feels viewpoint on war before, but it’s a tad hard. Huh, but I’ll endeavour anyways. But it’s not like I’ll win the grand prize or something–have you SEEN my Stalingrad story on this blog? Now I don’t even have enough confidence to go to Stalingrad/Volgograd or Russia any more. Ruined it too much.



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