Break #4

What does it mean of being a true friend?  For people it would be being loyal, trustworthy,and being patient. All of us would want to have true friends, a friend that would be there any problem you have, a friend that would encourage you, and would never make you feel bad. Now I’m gonna tell u a time when I found who my true friends are. It was a nice and beautiful day everything was perfect , but all of that was about to change. When I found friends that I can spend time with, and have fun. My feelings couldn’t be expressed with words , but then everything change we all grow up have different interest and opinions. The people that I thought that were my real friends left and found new ones.I was blinded and couldn’t realized who my real friends are. The more I realized who my real friends, the more I realize what a real friends should be. It doesn’t matter if were different than our friends or childish or foolish, a true friend would be ready to compromised and put up with you. They would have trouble with it, but they some how still accept you. In conclusion, true friends are not only the ones who you spend time with a lot or you grew up with, because there’s other friends that’s out there that would be loyal and trustworthy..



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